Special Issue on Vietnamese Linguistics


Trang Phan

Taiwan Journal of Linguistics, Volume 22.1 (2024)

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In addition to serving as guest co-editor (with Nigel Duffield), Prof. Phan is also co-author (with Tue Trinh and Vu Duc Nghieu) of the article “Negation and Polar Questions in Vietnamese: Present and Past” in the special issue.

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Article Abstract: Polar questions in Vietnamese consist of an affirmative sentence followed by a negation particle. Modern Vietnamese has three negation particles, but only two can occur in this function. This note proposes an account for this gap. The account is premised on the analysis of questions as sets of alternatives, and draws on facts of diachronic change gleaned from historical texts.

About the author: Trang Phan was a HYI Visiting Scholar from 2020-21.