Thơ đi sứ triều Nguyễn: Ý thức dân tộc và đối thoại văn hóa

The Envoy Poetry of Nguyễn Dynasty: National Consciousness and Cultural Dialogue


Lê Quang Trường, Chen Yi Yuan, and Nguyễn Hoàng Yến (eds.)

Ho Chi Minh City: National University Publishing House, 2024

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About the book: This book focuses on the travel writings of the Nguyễn Dynasty envoys, delving deeply into the national consciousness and cultural dialogue reflected in the poetry created by Vietnamese envoys during their missions to China. It compiles the research findings of four scholars: Assoc. Prof. Lê Quang Trường, Prof. Chen Yiyuan, Nguyễn Hoàng Yến, and Chuang Chiu Jun, encompassing a total of 17 recent research papers in 550 pages. The content primarily addresses the following aspects:

  • Discovery of new materials: Through meticulous document excavation and archival compilation, the authors uncovered numerous previously unpublished poems by the Nguyễn Dynasty envoys, providing invaluable new resources for the study of Vietnamese literature
  • National consciousness: The authors analyze the national consciousness exhibited by the Nguyễn Dynasty envoys in their poetry, exploring the formation and development of Vietnamese national consciousness during this period
  • Cultural exchange: The authors investigate the Sino-Vietnamese cultural exchanges portrayed in the envoys’ poems, examining the specific content and forms of these interactions

This book represents a significant contribution to the study of Vietnamese literature written in Nôm and classical Chinese, holding substantial academic, theoretical, and cultural value. It offers new research materials and perspectives, advancing the field of Vietnamese literature studies. Additionally, the theoretical research presented in this book has interdisciplinary significance, prompting broader reflections on topics such as national consciousness and cultural exchange. The publication of this book is expected to positively influence Vietnamese literature research, Sino-Vietnamese cultural exchanges, and related fields.

About the editor: Nguyen Hoang-Yen was a HYI Visiting Scholar from 2020-21.