HYI Alumni News & Publications: March – April 2020

Alumni News

Congratulations to several former HYI scholars and fellows on their recent publications:

Fujiki Hideaki (Visiting Scholar, 2006-07) is co-editor (with Alastair Phillips) of The Japanese Cinema Book (British Film Institute/Bloomsbury, 2020).

Huang Min-Hsiung (Visiting Scholar, 2012-13) is author of “Compensatory Advantage and the Use of Out-of-school-time Tutorials: A Cross-national Study” in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 2020.

Kuroda Akinobu (Visiting Scholar 2014-15) is author of A Global History of Money (Routledge, April 2020).

Naito Hiroko (Visiting Fellow, 2014-15) is co-editor (with Vida Macikenaite) of State Capacity Building in Contemporary China (Springer, March 2020).

Wang Xiying (Visiting Scholar, 2019-20) is co-author (with Liu Liu) of “Sex, Drug, and HIV/AIDS: the Drug Career of an Urban Chinese Woman” in Social Inclusion (Vol 8 No 2, 2020).

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