HYI Alumni News: September-October 2021

Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni on their recent honors, promotions, and publications!

Pawan Amin (Chinese Studies in India Program Fellow) is co-author (with Monish Tourangbam) of “Myanmar in the US Indo-Pacific Strategy: Why is China Winning and What to Do About It?” in The Journal of Indo Pacific Affairs, 4(6), 2021.

Jack Meng-tat Chia (RSEA Fellow, 2009-12) received the EuroSEAS Humanities Book Prize for 2021 for his book Monks in Motion. The EuroSEAS Humanities Book Prize is given biennially to the best academic book on Southeast Asia published in the humanities – including archaeology, art history, history, literature, performing arts, and religious studies.

Daisy Yan Du (Visiting Scholar, 2017-18) is editor of Chinese Animation and Socialism From Animators’ Perspectives (Brill, October 2021).

Nguyen Hoang-Yen (Visiting Scholar, 2020-21) is translator of 越南漢喃作家辭典 (Tên tự, tên hiệu các tác gia Hán Nôm Việt Nam; Dictionary of Vietnamese Writers), published by Ainosco Press, Taipei, Taiwan, 2021.

Nguyen To Lan (Visiting Scholar, 2013-14; Coordinate Research Scholar, 2015) is co-author (with Rostislav Berezkin) of “The Hanoi Reprint of the Precious Scroll of Incense Mountain (1772) and the Printing of Buddhist Works in Northern Vietnam at the End of the Eighteenth Century,” in East Asia Publishing and Society (Brill), vol.11, pp. 1-30

Zhang Longxi (Doctoral Scholar, 1983-87) is author of 什么是世界文学 (What Is World Literature), published by the SDX Joint Publishing Company, Beijing, August 2021.

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