Statement by Professor Elizabeth J. Perry on Forged Article


Statement by Professor Elizabeth J. Perry

Recently an article has circulated over the internet under the title of “Harvard Professor: Beyond Doubt! History Continues to Prove the Correctness and Greatness of Mao Zedong!” This article has appeared in different internet media under different titles and in different versions.

I solemnly affirm: I have no connection whatsoever to this article or to any of the different iterations and derivations of it. I do not know the origins of the article and I have had no involvement with any of its various iterations and derivations.

Because this article has been widely disseminated, and is falsely attributed to me, I am issuing this statement to correct the public record.

Elizabeth J. Perry
Henry Rosovsky Professor of Government
Harvard University
Director, Harvard-Yenching Institute





裴宜理 谨启

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