Lam Quang Dong
Lâm Quang Đông

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 1993 to Jun 1995

Current Research Projects and Interests: Linguistics, Semantics, Translation Studies, TESOL

Recent Publications

“The Necessity of Students’ Language Skill Practice,” Language and Life, No.10, 2010, Hanoi, pp. 18-22

“Some Mental Processes in Reading,” Language and Life, No.11, 2010, Hanoi, pp.29-34

“Cho (Give) and Give-type Predicates in Vietnamese – Preliminary findings,” in Proceedings of The 1st International Conference on Vietnamese Research and Teaching, 26-27 Feb 2011, Ho Chi Minh City, pp. 186-198

“ESP – Issues in Content Consideration,” Conference on Teaching Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes in Vietnam Higher Educational Institutions hosted by Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam on 16th March 2011, reprinted in Language and Life, No. 11, 2011, pp. 27 – 32

“Identifying the Representational Semantic Structure of Multi-verb Sentences in English and Vietnamese,” VNU Journal of Science, No 27, 2011, pp. 143-150

“Gender Equity in Education: Highlights of the Current Situation in Vietnam,” in Proceedings of The 2nd Joint International Conference on Gender Equity in Education: Achievements and Challenges, Seoul National University, Korea, 8th June 2012

“Some Relevant Terms in the Study of Vietnamese Serial Verb Constructions,” VNU Journal of Science, vol. 28-5E, pp. 40 – 46, 2012

“Vietnamese and Korean – More Alike Than Different” (2), New Asia Forum – Asia: Perspectives and Insights – Development through Collaborations, ISBN 978-89-5930-307-6, pp. 119-138, Seoul, 2012

“English Education: Methodologies and Policies in Korea and Lessons Learnt for Vietnam,” research grant by Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies KFAS, March-August 2012

“Foreign Language Education: From Korean Experience to Vietnamese Practice,” in Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, 26-28 November 2012

“Meaning Gaps and Meaning Loss between English Single Verbs and Vietnamese Serial Verbs,” Journal of Lexicography and Encyclopedia, No 1, 2013, pp. 3 – 9

“Peculiarities of Vietnamese SVCs,” Proceedings of the International Conference on Vietnamese Linguistics in the Context of Renovation and Integration, 2014, pp. 714 – 738

“Teaching ESP: Changes and Orientation,” Language and Life, No.11, 2014, pp. 1-5

“Translation of SVCs and/or multi-verb constructions from Vietnamese into English,” VNU Journal of Science: Foreign Studies, No.4, 2015

“Mental processes among adult foreign language learners: a case study,” Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovation of Korean Teaching/Learning and Korean Studies in Vietnam, 10th April 2015

“Evaluation of language used in Vietnamese academic papers: preliminary results,” Language and Life, 7(261) 2017, pp.3-14

“Explaining the semantic development of the Vietnamese verb chạy (run) from cognitive perspective,” VNU Journal of Foreign Studies, 4 (33), 2017, pp.1-14

“City and its denotation/referent: past and present,” National Linguistics Conference, September 2017

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