Qi Liang

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2014 to Jun 2015

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Liang Qi is Associate Professor at Zhengzhou University. He received his Ph.D. from Fudan University (Shanghai, China) with a doctoral dissertation on “Self-Governance versus State-Governance: Intention and Capability of Municipality in Shanghai Nantao, 1905-1923.” He is currently a lecturer at Zhengzhou University. His article From “Identity Crisis” To “All The Six Confucian Classics Are History”: Zhang Xuecheng’s Situation and Strategy Toward Han Xue and Song Xue (《从“认同危机”到六经皆史:试论章学诚在“汉宋”之间的处境与策略》) was published in Studies in Sinology (《国学研究》)in December 2014, and his article The Shaping of Shanghai Self-Governance By the Elite Public Sphere: Centered on the Local Network and Shut-Door Case of Qunxue Hui, 1904-1914(《精英公共领域对上海地方自治的形塑:以群学会的地方网络与锁闭大门案为中心(1904-1914)》) was published in the Chinese Culture Quarterly(《九州学林》) in June 2015.

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