Yoshida Kunihiko

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2002 to Jul 2003

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Professor Yoshida has earned a PhD in Civil Law from Tokyo University, Japan (1996), and has visiting academic career at Northwestern Law School (1989-1991), Stanford Law School (1994-1995), Harvard Law School /Harvard Yenching Institute (2002-2003), University of Miami Law School (2012-2013), and University of Colorado Law School (2018-2019) in the U.S. He has written more than 100 articles and case reports and has published seven monographs widely on contracts, torts, health law, critical legal studies, including critical race theories, and more recently on property theories, especially on housing, city making, environment, and reparations. The relational perspective under the influence of late Professor Ian Macneil at Northwestern is the common threads across the fields.

After educating many graduate students from China and Korea, he has visited the East Asian countries number of times in recent years to advise the recovery plan from the perspective of housing and urban welfare at Chengdu for the earthquake disaster in Sichuan province, to investigate the environmental damage due to asbestos in Korea, and to do some collaborate work on reparations issues regarding comfort women, Nanjing massacre, Chongqing bombings, Jeju tragedies etc. and has held visiting appointments at various universities in Korea, Taiwan and China.

He is also an expert of reparations regarding the Ainu people, the indigenous people in Hokkaido, from civil law perspectives and is also working on the protection of the traditional indigenous knowledge and the reparations for racial/ethnic minorities, with regard to intellectual property law regime.

He has recently published Civil Law Lecture Books (Textbooks) on various fields from Contracts, Torts, Property, through Family Law consecutively for the last several years.

(I) Monographs (Limited Publications)

Reconsidering the Tort of Inducing Breach of Contract (Forderungsverletzung) (Yuhikaku Pub. Co., 1991)

Civil Law Interpretations and the Transformation of Property Theories (Civil Law Theory Series vol.1) (Yuhikaku Pub. Co., 2000)

The Relational Development of Contract Law and Health Law (Civil Law Theory Series vol.2) (Yuhikaku Pub. Co., 2003)

Property, Housing Welfare, and the Reparations in the Era of Multiculturalism (Civil Law Series vol.3) (Yuhikaku Pub. Co., 2006)

Urban Welfare, Disaster Recovery, War Reparations and a Critical ‘Rule of Law’ (Civil Law Theory Series vol.4) (Yuhikaku Pub. Co., 2011)

East Asian Civil Law Scholarship Facing Disaster, Housing Welfare, and Reparations for the Indigenous Peoples: From the Forefront (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Civil Law Theory Series vol. 5~7) (Shinzan Pub. Co., 2015, 2017~)

(II) Lecture Books (Textbooks)

Family Law Lecture Book (Shinzan Pub. Co., 2007)

Tort Law Lecture Book (Shinzan Pub. Co., 2008)

Property and Secured Transaction Lecture Book (Shinzan Pub. Co., 2010)

General Obligation (Contract Law I) Lecture Book (Shinzan Pub. Co., 2012)

Concrete Contracts (Contract Law II) Lecture book (Shinzan Pub. Co., 2016)

Civil Law and Public Policy Lecture Book (Shinzan Pub. Co., 2018)

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