Announcing the 2024-25 HYI Scholars and Fellows


The Harvard-Yenching Institute is pleased to welcome fellowship recipients from universities in Asia for the 2024-25 academic year

Faculty members in the humanities and social sciences at HYI partner institutions undertake 10 months of independent research at Harvard University.

Caleb Carter, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, Kyushu University, “Numinous Topographies: Mountaineering, Nature, and Spirituality in Modern Japan”

Chen Chunxiao, Assistant Professor, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, “Chinese Immigrants in West Asia during the Mongol-Yuan Period: Identity, Survival and Cultural Interaction”

Chen Lin, Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, Fudan University, “Contested Sociocultural Spaces of Aging in Rural China: From Older Adults’ Lived Experiences”

Saranya Choochotkaew, Assistant Professor, Department of Eastern Languages, Chulalongkorn University, “Religion and Humor in Early Modern Japanese Literature: A Text and Visual
Analysis of Deity Characters in Kibyōshi”

Dang Thi Viet Phuong, Head of Department, Department of Social Security and Social Work, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, “The Development of Civil Society in Vietnam: Challenges and Prospects”

Du Ying, Professor, Chinese Language and Literature Department, East China Normal University, “Producing Diasporic Chinese Nationalisms: The Cultural Cold War in Hong
Kong (the 1950s-1970s)”

Fukushima Ayako, Associate Professor, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, “Unveiling Gothic Revival’s Journey in Asian Church Architecture: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Japan (late 19th- early 20th centuries)”

Kawamura Eiko, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University, “Exploring the Lexical Landscape of Popular Linked Verse in the 17th Century”

Kim Sung Eun, Associate Professor, Political Science and International Relations, Korea University, “Circumventing the Liberal Order: Protectionism with Chinese Characteristics”

Li Miao, Professor, Department of Sociology, Shandong University, “Zouping Revisited: Governance, Internet, and Schooling in Rural China (2017-2022)”

Lin Yi-Chieh, Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, National Chengchi University, “Reimaging Journalism in the AI Era: A Study of Practices in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan”

Luong Thi Hong, Deputy Head of Modern History Department, Institute of History, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, “Ensnared in War: Voices of Vietnamese Women at War and Peace”

Seo Heejung, Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Sun Yat-sen University, “Understanding Human Emotions in 15.-18. Centuries’ East Asia through the Neo-Confucian Discourse on Qing 情 in China, Korea, and Japan”

Shin Jeongsoo, Associate Professor, Korean Cultural Studies Department, Academy of Korean Studies, “Nineteenth-century Sino-Korean Antiquarianism and its Legacy in Colonial

Porranee Singpliam, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, “Political figures, affluence, and neoliberalism as mediated on Instagram: Gender, wealth, and the gender of governance”

Yao Yu, Professor, Department of History, East China Normal University, “China’s Natural Rubber Plantation during 1950-1980: A Global Study”

Yu Chang-Min, Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University, “Modernism Disclaimed: Taiwan Film Historiography Before and Beneath the New Cinema”

Zeren Gongqiu, Lecturer, School of Tibetan Studies, Minzu University of China, “A Study of Confucius Culture in Bonpo Biographical Literatures”

Zhang Jing, Associate Professor, Department of History, Peking University, “How Mao’s China Engaged with Western Science, Technology and Experts: A History of Transnationalization, Modernization, and Hybridization”

Zhang Kaiping, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, “The Soft Sell: New Propaganda Strategies and Affective Governance in China”

Faculty at Asia-based universities come for a six-month period of research, to be conducted at both institutions

Chen Yushu, Associate Professor, Fine Arts College, East China Normal University, “The Image of Chinese People in Western Prints”

Son Eunsil, Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Seoul National University, “The Reception of Thomas Aquinas in the Catechisms of Jesuit Missionaries in East Asia in
the 16th and 17th Centuries: A Focus on Alessandro Valignano”

HYI Training Programs bring together a small group of promising young Asian scholars in particular fields of the humanities and social sciences.

This program was first held in the summer of 2023 at Chulalongkorn University

Lee Chee Yong, PhD Candidate, Division of Humanities, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, “Navigating Se(a)nsation: The Encounter and Imagination of Maritime Adventures in Chinese Literature”

Fiona Hsiao Yen Lee, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Universiti Malaya, “Racial Binds: Paradoxes of the Global Anglophone in Malaysian Literature”

Zhang Qiang, Associate Professor, Department of Translation, Nankai University, “Translation Activities at Southwestern Associated University and the Construction of Translation Theory in Modern China”

Led by Professor Nicholas Harkness, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

Jung Eunjin, PhD candidate, Korean Language Education, Korea University, “The Interplay of Words and the World in Korean : A Diachronic Perspective”

Kim Seong In, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University, “느낌 (neukkim) in haptic sensation as mode of being, becoming, belonging with others”

Liu Jiaying, Lecturer, School of Ethnology and Sociology, Southwest Minzu University, “Feelingful Continuity, Chants of Ancestors, and Cultural Identity of Yi in an Aesthetic Contact Zone”

Vysakh Remesan, PhD candidate, Linguistic Anthropology, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, “Multilingualism in Teressa Island: Tracing the evolution of a language loss discourse”

Xie Xin, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, “Animating Hong Kong: biodiversity, multiplicity of knowledge, and human-wildlife cohabitation”

Yang Liu, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Program of International and Advanced Japanese Studies, University of Tsukuba, “A Linguistic Anthropological Study on Japanese Voice Acting: The Construction and Examination of a Theoretical Model on the Interpretation of Voice”

Candidates pursue a Ph.D. at the National University of Singapore, with one year of dissertation research at Harvard University.

In residence at HYI:

Thanat Preeyanont, History, Thammasat University

Rosa Yi, Department of Economic Development, Royal University of Phnom Penh, “Understanding Truncated Agrarian Transition in Cambodia: Migration, Precarity, and the Smallholders”

This joint doctoral fellowship program with the Institute for Chinese Studies in Delhi aims to encourage Chinese studies in India.

Pawan Amin, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Akshay Bhambri, University of Delhi

Shubhda Gurung, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Prabhat Mishra, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Tanvi Negi, Doon University

Saloni Sharma, Ashoka University

Shashawat Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru University

In residence at HYI partner universities in China for the 2024-25 academic year: 

Raj Gupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Cherry Hitkari, University of Delhi

Nishant Sharma, Jindal Global University

This program seeks to foster a cross-national network of scholars by bringing to HYI students of Indian Studies in China.

Mao Keji, PhD candidate, Tsinghua University, “India’s labor-scarce Industrialization”

This program provides Harvard faculty with a chance to invite faculty members to join them in collaborative research projects in established Asian Studies.  

Huang Yangxing, Shenzhen Museum, “Medieval Chinese Conception of Hell in Architectural Context” (working w/ Prof. Eugene Wang)

Liao Wei-wen, Academia Sinica, “Principles and Parameters of Finiteness and Control” (working w/ Prof. C.-T. James Huang)

Zheng Haolan, Keio University, “New Studies on China’s Rural History of the 20th Century” (working w/ Prof. Michael Szonyi)

This grant allows scholars who have identified a specific collection of Asian-language materials uniquely available in the Harvard-Yenching Library to apply for 3-6 months of research support to use these materials.

Theodora Suk-Fong Jim, University of Nottingham, “Comparing Greek and Chinese Polytheism”

This program allows past HYI affiliates to return to Harvard, with their own funding, to conduct new or additional research in their respective fields.

Chin Sei Jeong, Ewha Womans University (January-August 2025)

John M. Frankl, Yonsei University, “The Master’s Duty: Tourism qua Critique of Asymmetrical Japanese Colonial Policies in Yi Sang’s ‘Miscellaneous Writings by Autumn Lamplight'” (Fall 2024)

Yao Dadui, Hainan University, “Primers in China’s Protestant Mission: Propagation and Influence in the 19th-20th Century”

This fellowship covers the two-year master’s degree in Harvard’s RSEA program.

Liang Xinyin, Philosophy

Wang Ding, Japanese Art History

Yan Kejian, Tibetan Studies

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