HYI Alumni News: December 2020

Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni on their recent honors, promotions, and publications!

Ho Ming-sho (Visiting Scholar, 2018-19) is author of “The Changing Memory of Tiananmen Incident in Taiwan: From Patriotism to Universal Values (1989-2019)” in China Information (2020); “How Protesters Evolve: Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Movement Learned the Lesson of the Umbrella Movement” in Mobilization: An International Journal, 25 (SI): 711-728; and “From Unionism to Youth Activism: Taiwan’s Politics of Working Hours” in China Information, 34(3): 406-426.

Nguyen Cong Thao (Doctoral Scholar, 2010-11) is author of Tìm phố trong làng, những chiều tâm tư của người cao tuổi (In Search of the City: State of Mind of the Elderly in the Village), published by Vietnam Social Science Publishing House and supported by the HYI Publication Grant for Alumni.

Zhang Ke (Visiting Scholar, 2019-20) is author of “Through the ‘Indian Lens’: Observations and Self-Reflections in Late Qing Chinese Travel Writings on India” (in Tansen Sen and Brian Tsui eds., Beyond Pan-Asianism: Connecting China and India, 1840s-1960s) and “Progress or Decline: China’s Two Images of India during the Nineteenth Century” (in Iwo Amelung ed., Discourses of Weakness in Modern China: Historical Diagnoses of the‘Sick Man of East Asia’).

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