HYI Alumni News: January 2021

Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni on their recent honors, promotions, and publications!

Chih-Jou Jay Chen (Visiting Scholar, 2014-15) is author of “Upward Targeting and Social Protests in China” (with Yongshun Cai) in Journal of Contemporary China; “A Protest Society Evaluated: Popular Protests in China, 2000–2019” in Mobilization: An International Quarterly; “Peasant protests over land seizures in rural China” in The Journal of Peasant Studies; and “The State Owes Us: Social Exclusion and Collective Actions of China’s Bereaved Parents” (with Chen Ying) in Modern China.

A Chinese-language translation of Ian Chong (Visiting Scholar, 2019-20)’s book, External Intervention and the Politics of State Formation China, Indonesia, and Thailand, 1893–1952建國與國際政治– 近代中印泰主權國家建構比較史(1893-1952)》, has been published by 季風帶 (Monsoon Books) in 2020. The book was originally published in English by Cambridge University Press in 2012.

Do Dieu Khue (Asia-Pacific Studies Training Program Visiting Fellow, 2019-20) is now teaching in the Faculty of International Relations, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU-Ho Chi Minh City.

Kim Su Yun (Visiting Scholar, 2019-20) is author of Imperial Romance: Fictions of Colonial Intimacy in Korea, 1905–1945 (Cornell University Press, 2020) and “Transwar Continuities of Colonial Intimacy: Korean–Japanese Relationships in Korean Cinema, 1940s-1960sAsian Studies Review (online, Aug 2020)

Michelle Miao (Visiting Scholar, 2019-20) is author of “The Unimpactful Counsel: The Effect of Legal Representation on the Sentencing of Death-Eligible Drug Offenders in China” which was presented at the National University of Singapore’s Law Faculty Junior Forum in January 2021.

Puangthong Pawakapan (Visiting Scholar, 2018-19) is author of Infiltrating Society: The Thai Military’s Internal Security Affairs, published by SEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, 2021.

Tran Thi Phuong Hoa (Visiting Scholar, 2014-15; Visiting Fellow, 2008-09) is author of “Pragmatizing Schools: A History of Vocational Training in Colonial Vietnam” in French Colonial History, Vol. 19 (2020).

Trang Phan (Visiting Scholar, 2020-21) and Lam Quang Dong (HYI TESL Program Scholar, 1993-95) are co-authors of “Decomposing Definiteness in Vietnamese” in Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, 14.1 (2021): 1-18

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