HYI Alumni News: March 2021

Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni on their recent honors, promotions, and publications!

Choi Jeonghun (RSEA Fellow, 2019-21) is co-author of  유길준의 사상 세계 (The Intellectual World of Yu Kilchun), Seoul: Nanam, 2021 [in Korean]

Sittithep Eaksittipong (NUS-HYI Doctoral Scholar, 2012-16) is author of “The Chinese of Thailand: Academic Diplomacy and the Convergence of Sino-Thai Intellectual Nationalisms” in Contesting Chineseness: Ethnicity, Identity, and Nation in China and Southeast Asia (Hoon CY., Chan Y., eds), Springer, 2021.

Theara Thun (NUS-HYI Doctoral Scholar, 2012-16) is author of ““Invasion” or “Liberation”?: Contested Commemoration in Cambodia and within ASEAN” in TRaNS: Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia; “Treason and Loyalty to the Royal Court: The Kan Narrative in Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century Khmer Chronicle Manuscripts” in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society; “The epistemological shift from palace chronicles to scholarly Khmer historiography under French colonial rule” in Journal of Southeast Asian Studies; and co-author (with Duong Keo) of “Ethnic Vietnamese and the Khmer Rouge: the genocide and race debate” in Critical Asian Studies.

Yang Miaoyan (Chinese Politics Training Program Visiting Scholar, 2018-19) is co-author (with James Leibold) of “Building a “Double First-Class University” on China’s Qing-Zang Plateau: Opportunities, Strategies and Challenges” in China Quarterly, 244(4).

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