HYI Alumni News: May – August 2020

Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni on their recent honors, promotions, and publications!

The Harvard-Yenching Korea Alumni Association recently celebrated their sixtieth anniversary with a conference on “East Asia Between Korea and the World: Global, National, and Regional in Academia,” held July 3 at Seoul National University. 

Aoyama Waka (Visiting Scholar, 2013-14) is author of An Intimate Journey: Finding Myself Amongst the Sama-Bajau (Kyoto University Press + Trans Pacific Press, 2020).

Do Dieu Khue (Asia-Pacific Studies Training Program Visiting Fellow, 2019-20) is author of “Letters and Ping Pong: North Korean Diplomatic Offensive towards the United States in the Late 1970s” in The International History Review

Fang Jingwen (Visiting Fellow, 2012-13) is author of “Nature” Made: An Anthropological Study on Cosmetic Surgery in China (人造“自然”——整容的人类学研究), published by the China Social Sciences Press (中国社会科学出版社) and supported by the HYI Publication Grant for Alumni.

Hou Li (Coordinate Research Scholar, 2014-15) has been awarded first prize for ‘most innovative book in planning history written in English’ by the IPHS (International Planning History Society). The monograph, Building for Oil: Daqing and the Formation of the Chinese Socialist State, was published by the Harvard University Asia Center in 2018.

Jia Wenjuan (Grassroots Training Program Visiting Fellow, 2011-12) is co-author (with Zhong Kaiou) of “Another way of “amusing ourselves to death”? Experience, ideological fantasy, and labor control in variety entertainment production” in The Journal of Chinese Sociology, 09 August 2020.

Kim Jihyun (Coordinate Research Scholar, 2018-19) is author of “Enlightenment on the Spirit-Altar: Eschatology and Restoration of Morality at the King Kwan Shrine in Fin de siècle Seoul,” in Religions 2020, 11(6).

Li Xiaojie (Visiting Scholar, 2001-02) is chief editor and first author of 《水经注校笺图释·汾水涑水流域诸篇》(“The Collation, Explanation and Illustration of Notes to the Book of Rivers: Fenshui River Basin and Sushui River Basin”).

Liu Heng (Coordinate Research Scholar, 2009-10) is author of 《迈克尔·赫茨菲尔德:学术传记》(“Michael Herzfeld: An Intellectual Biography“), published by San Lian as part of the SDX & Harvard-Yenching Academic Library, in June 2020.

Liu Jingfang (Visiting Scholar, 2019-20) is co-editor (with Phaedra C. Pezzullo) of Green Communication and China: On Crisis, Care, and Global Futures (Michigan State University Press, 2020).

Hiroko Matsuzaki (Visiting Fellow, 2011-12; Associate, 2018-19) is author of 鄭清文とその時代ー郷土を愛したある台湾作家の生涯と台湾アイデンティティの変容 (Zheng Qing-wen and His Time: The Life of a Taiwanese Writer Who Loved His Homeland and the Transfigure of the Taiwanese Identities).

Noriko Unno-Yamazaki (Visiting Fellow, 2015-16)’s thesis, which she wrote during her stay at HYI, has won the 19th Asia Pacific Research Prize. Her dissertation is entitled “Under Crescent and Full Moons: Contradiction and Coherence of Muslims in Beijing 1906–1913.”

Yasuhiro Kamimura (Visiting Scholar, 2012-13) is editor of 新・世界の社会福祉7――東アジア (Global Social Welfare: East Asia, Junposha, 2020), which contains 19 chapters on social welfare development in China, South Korea, and Taiwan.



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