HYI Alumni News: Summer 2021

Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni on their recent honors, promotions, and publications!

Ku-Ming (Kevin) Chang (Visiting Scholar, 2011-12) is co-editor (with Alan Rocke) of History of Universities: Volume XXXIV/1, A Global History of Research Education: Disciplines, Institutions, and Nations, 1840-1950. The volume was published by Oxford University Press in 2021.

Chen Fei (New Approaches in Asia-Pacific Historical and Contemporary Studies Training Program Visiting Scholar, 2020-21) has received the 2020 Wang Gungwu Prize, awarded by the Asian Studies Association of Australia, for his article “Transforming an Imperial Frontier: Japanese Knowledge and the Qing Empire’s New Tibet Policy.”

Nishit Kumar (Chinese Studies In India Program Visiting Fellow, 2019-20) is author of “SCO Turns a Page in Literary Cooperation” in The Shanghe Review, June 2021, and translator of ‘पुनर्मिलन’ (Reunion), a translation of the Chinese-language short story 《重逢》, published in the journal Anuvad.

Nguyen To Lan (Visiting Scholar, 2013-14) is co-author (with Rostislav Berezkin) of Phật Bà bể Nam: Truyện Quán Âm Diệu Thiện tại Việt Nam (Avalokiteśvara of the Vietnamese Sea: Miaoshan-Guanyin Legend in Vietnam), published by Vietnam University of Education Publishing House in 2021.


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