HYI Alumni News: Summer 2021

Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni on their recent honors, promotions, and publications!

Ku-Ming (Kevin) Chang (Visiting Scholar, 2011-12) is co-editor (with Alan Rocke) of History of Universities: Volume XXXIV/1, A Global History of Research Education: Disciplines, Institutions, and Nations, 1840-1950. The volume was published by Oxford University Press in 2021.

Chen Fei (New Approaches in Asia-Pacific Historical and Contemporary Studies Training Program Visiting Scholar, 2020-21) has received the 2020 Wang Gungwu Prize, awarded by the Asian Studies Association of Australia, for his article “Transforming an Imperial Frontier: Japanese Knowledge and the Qing Empire’s New Tibet Policy.”

Do Dieu Khue (New Approaches in Asia-Pacific Historical and Contemporary Studies Training Program Visiting Fellow, 2019-20) is author of “Comrades at enmity: Pyongyang-Hanoi split after the fall of Saigon” in Cold War History.

Hiro Fujimoto (Visiting Fellow, 2016-17) is author of 医学とキリスト教: 日本におけるアメリカ・プロテスタントの医療宣教 (Medicine and Christianity: American Protestant Missionaries and their Medical Work in Japan), published by Hosei University Press in 2021. He is also author of “Circulation of Medical Knowledge and Techniques through Film in Japan, 1929–1941,” in East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal; “Miners, Benevolent Government, and Administration: A History of Medical Policy in Tokugawa Japan,” in East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine; and “Women, Missionaries, and Medical Professions: The History of Overseas Female Students in Meiji Japan,” in Japan Forum, also reprinted in Catherine L. Phipps, ed., Meiji Japan in Global History (London: Routledge, forthcoming).

Lo Shih-Chieh (Visiting Scholar, 2019-20) is editor-in-chief of a special issue of the journal Historical Inquiry on “Local and Regional History: Modern Approaches” (June 2021).

Nishit Kumar (Chinese Studies In India Program Visiting Fellow, 2019-20) is author of “SCO Turns a Page in Literary Cooperation” in The Shanghe Review, June 2021; translator of ‘पुनर्मिलन’ (Reunion), a translation of the Chinese-language short story 《重逢》, published in the journal Anuvad; and “Howard Goldblatt’s Translations of Mo Yan’s Works into English: Reader Oriented Approach” in Translation Today. He has also recently published a book review of World Literature in Motion: Institution, Recognition, Location (Flair Donglaishi and Gareth Guangming Tan, eds.) in the journal Commonwealth Essays and Studies.

Nguyen To Lan (Visiting Scholar, 2013-14) is co-author (with Rostislav Berezkin) of Phật Bà bể Nam: Truyện Quán Âm Diệu Thiện tại Việt Nam (Avalokiteśvara of the Vietnamese Sea: Miaoshan-Guanyin Legend in Vietnam), published by Vietnam University of Education Publishing House in 2021.

Trang Phan (Visiting Scholar, 2020-21) is co-author (with Nigel Duffield) of “On the structure and acquisition of telicity and unaccusativity in Vietnamese” in the Taiwan Journal of Linguistics.

Veda Vaidyanathan (Chinese Studies in India Visiting Fellow, 2016-17) is author of “A Chinese airport project in Zanzibar floundered. Here’s what the new G-7 infrastructure plan can learn” (Washington Post, August 18, 2021). The article is based on her study designed at the ICS (Institute of Chinese Studies), examining Chinese BRI projects in East Africa.

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