Welcome 2021-22 HYI Visiting Scholars & Fellows


We are pleased to welcome over forty fellowship recipients from major universities in Asia for the 2021-22 academic year!

To learn more about the cohort, view the HYI Visiting Scholars and Fellows booklet.

Individual bios are also posted on the Scholars section of our website.

This year’s Visiting Scholars and Fellows are participating in the following programs:

Visiting Scholars Program

Training Programs:

  • Linguistic and Semiotic Anthropology (organized by Prof. Nicholas Harkness)
  • Buddhism and Ethnicity in the Period of the Sixteen Kingdoms and Northern Dynasties
  • Contemporary Challenges to Development in Upland Regions of Vietnam – Impact on Ethnic Minority Peoples

Chinese Studies in India Program

Indian Studies in China Program

NUS-HYI Joint Doctoral Fellowship Program

RSEA  A.M. Fellowship Program

Coordinate Research Program

Associate Program

Library Research Grant

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