HYI Alumni News: Fall 2022

Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni on their recent honors, promotions, and publications!

Hou Yangfang (Visiting Scholar, 2004-05) received the 2022 Pei Xiu Prize (裴秀奖) by the Chinese Society of Surveying and Mapping (中国测绘学会) for the publication 清朝地图集(同治至宣统卷)Atlas of Qing Dynasty (1862-1911), published by Star Map Press (星球地图出版社) in 2019.

Shiqi Ma (RSEA Fellow, 2016-18) and Changdong Zhang (Visiting Scholar, 2022-23) are co-authors (with Zheng Su) of “Participation without Contestation: NGOs’ Autonomy and Advocacy in China” in The China Quarterly, Volume 251.

Trang Phan (Visiting Scholar, 2020-21) is co-author (with Nigel Duffield) of “A road map to Vietnamese phrase structure,” in The Routledge Handbook of Asian Linguistics, C. Shei & S. Li (eds.), Chapter 9; and co-author (with Gennaro Chierchia) or “Identifying (in)definiteness in Vietnamese” in Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society 15:2, 2022.



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