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Events were held in Taiwan, Korea, and India, November-December 2023

Talk in Taipei by Prof. Davis

Several HYI alumni in Taiwan recently gathered to hear a talk by Prof. Christina Davis on “Discriminatory Clubs: The Geopolitics of International Organizations.” Pictured here with Prof. Davis are HYI alumni Yu-Yueh Tsai (2nd from left), Wen-Chin Wu (4th), Man-Houng Lin (5th), Fu-San Huang (6th), Ku-Ming (Kevin) Chang (11th), and Min-Hsiung Huang (12th).

Several HYI alumni stand next to the event speaker

Alumni book talk and exhibition in Seoul

In Korea, HYI alumni recently held a book talk seminar in Seoul. Former HYI Visiting Fellow Prof. Yoo Jaebin discussed her publication “King Jeonjo and the Court paintings of Joseon Dynasty.” Attendees were also invited to visit the parallel exhibition at the National Museum of Korea organized by former Visiting Fellow Dr. Lee Soomi on “Wise and Unbiased: Royal Philosophy in Paintings and Calligraphy of the Joseon Dynasty.”

A dozen alumni listen to a guided tour of a museum exhibit

Audience members sit around a U-shaped table listening to a presentation

Prof. Yoo Jaebin speaks about her book

All India Conference of China Studies

In India, the 16th All India Conference of China Studies (AICCS) was organized by the Department of Political Science, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad in cooperation with the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi from 16-18 November 2023. Dr. Bhim Subba (ICS-HYI Fellow 2016-17), Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Hyderabad, was the co-convenor of the conference. HYI Director Prof. Elizabeth Perry gave the inaugural keynote address of the conference on “Campaign Governance in the People’s Republic of China.” This annual conference had participants from more than 25 institutions in India studying China. The conference organized an ICS-HYI panel discussion on “Expanding the Horizons of China Research in India.” Former HYI alumni and present fellowship recipients – including Dr. Nishit Kumar, Dr. Bhim Subba, Ms. Tiasangla, and Ms. Saloni Sharma – shared their individual experience about the fellowship. The session was chaired by Prof. Alka Acharya, Director, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi with special remarks by Prof. Elizabeth Perry (Director, Harvard Yenching Institute, and a conclusion by Dr. Li Ruohong (Associate Director, HYI).

Group photo of several dozen conference attendees standing in front of a building

16th AICCS Group Photo, November 2023

Attendees chat informally at the conference 5 panelists at the HYI-ICS panel sit at the front of the room during their presentation


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